Kimberly (aka “The Kimby”)  is a specialist in supporting small organisations in a variety of information curation, administrative, creative, and sales functions. She has helped to improve outgoing communications and branding efforts by creating and proofing brochures, flyers, website content and all manner of written communications to disseminate important information about products and services.

As the Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy/SREAT Alliance (“HESA”​) Social Media Director, Kimberly coordinates and helps to maintain various social media channels alongside her colleagues to spread awareness of Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy/SREAT, related autoimmune encephalitis, related conditions, and share HESA’s mission with medical and patient communities at large.

In her prior insurance career, she assisted countless clients in making insurance purchasing decisions by creating detailed price and coverage comparisons, tailoring proposals to their unique needs.

Kimberly has a varied and unique skill set which can easily be transferred to fit an organisations special needs. As an initiative taker who enjoys branching out into new areas in order to gain new experiences and broaden her knowledge, she can easily adapt to any role, effectively helping to cut costs and accomplish goals while attaining maximum satisfaction in the end product.

Specialties: WordPress, MS Excel, MS Office, MS Windows, Online Research, Web site production and consultation, Data Management, and Marketing